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About this website

PQ-Portal is a Web-based solution that manages power quality data collected from a network of remotely installed instruments. Raw data is classified according to NRS048 and EN50160 requirements. This system enables users to:

  • Manage a fleet of remotely installed instruments
  • Actively manage the quality of electricity on a daily basis

  • A network of permanently installed VectoGraph, ProvoGraph, ImpedoGraph and ImpedoDUO Power Quality Recording instruments collect PQ data throughout a particular customer's network. This data is automatically transferred to a central database as and when it becomes available. Upon arrival data is validated and imported without human assistance.

    Imported data is enriched through calculation of assessment statistics (95%CPF, min, max, etc.). All captured data is classified according to South African NRS048 and European EN50160 standards. Users can gain access to it in different formats through this PQ Web Portal.

    Concurrent event data, such as dips, swells and interruptions, captured by multiple instruments are automatically grouped together to form Network Incidents. Reports can be generated per Network Incident. Users can attach comments and support information (pictures, documents, etc.) to each Network Incident through this PQ Web Portal.  
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